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     Lynx is currently making itself at home, so for the time being only a few of the Commando Quarters are open to the general public. As soon as all the weapons and equipment have been properly and carefully put away, the remainder of the corvette will be accessible.


     Lynx Commando is Wolfshead Squadron's main support unit. Their primary mission is to provide ground assault firepower for whenever the need arises. Each member of Lynx is a highly trained and specialised professional, but as a whole Lynx's primary function consists of disabling and capturing enemy ships, and are capable of overpowering and taking over vessels the size of a Modified Frigate.

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The Alliance Commandos are the New Republic's Elite Ground Assault Troops.

     Welcome to Lynx Commando's home page. We are a ground assault gaming group based on the LucasArts Dark Forces and Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. In 1977, George Lucas created the movie Star Wars, one of the most successful movies in history that exemplified the fight of good over evil. In 1995, Lucas Arts published the fist person perspective game Dark Forces, the first in a soon to be long line of games directly designed for computer gamers like us, and which immersed you in the Star Wars Universe from a new and exciting perspective. Our Commando Unit and others like it continue this adventure through our game playing, story writing, and on-line conferences.

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